Ticket submitted without reply for over 24 hours. Funds sent from MetaMask, validated, but never made it into my Kucoin account. Ticket number 1658188.

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  1. CuriousUniversity669 on 23. March 2022 at 11:56

    Best wishes! In my experience I have been waiting for over a month for a COTI withdrawal which has not yet arrived. Transaction completed but the txhash does not exist on the blockchain. The COTI network has never had any problems, but the kucoin wallet has big problems, and in fact they have put it in maintenance for days. Upon reopening the problem remains: the transaction does not exist and my funds have not arrived. The support keeps telling me to be patient, the usual song for over a month!


  2. Aurelien81 on 23. March 2022 at 11:56

    **UPDATE:** The issue was that I sent USDC to my Kucoin account on the wrong chain. This was my mistake and Kucoin offered to help but it is costing 100 USDT and therefore should be considered as a paid service deserving of an update/review of the service.


    1. Customer service is VERY slow for a cryptocurrency (supposedly web3) company. Everyday, as we’re about to reach the 24 hrs deadline for response to my messages, I get an automatic message from their (zendesk ticket software) so as to show that there is activity when there is actually none.
    2. They mentioned the entire process will take several business days, which is understandable seeing the task at hand, but this was part of their automatic messages, which means that there is no way to know when or if they will take care of it, even though I already paid the hefty 100 USDT charge for that service.
    3. Their communication style was very much in the “pay the fees or say goodbye to your money,” leaving me with no options.
    4. This entire experience with their customer service is making me feel anxious about their services. I might start pulling funds out once this is resolved, hoping that it gets resolved.

    Again, I understand that the initial mistake was mine but we’re talking about a very fast paced market, and an environment where they are dealing with our money. This is not an Etsy purchase and there are a lot of companies to benchmark customer services with.

    And for now, this one is definitely on the low end.

    I hope that this update can help others making their own choices.


  3. Aurelien81 on 23. March 2022 at 11:56

    **FINAL UPDATE:** Problem has been solved.

    Final thoughts:

    1. Customer service got the job done, which avoided me some big losses,
    2. The cost felt too high but not as high as the losses would’ve been,
    3. Customer service was very robotic. For anyone used to CS from places like Notion or other modern tech companies, it will not be a pleasant experience.

    But in the end, they did help and that’s the important bit.