TrustWallet’s (Binance’s wallet) CEO had a great interview this week on Epicenter

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  1. epicenterbitcoin on 21. January 2020 at 2:38

    Hi All–

    ##### Topics we discussed in this episode

    * Victor’s bio and how he ended up moving from the Ukraine to the US
    * How hacking games got Victor into cryptocurrency
    * What Trust Wallet is and its’ strengths in the wallet landscape
    * What it means for Trust Wallet to be secure, opensource, decentralized, and anonymous
    * What Vicktor believes the future holds for wallets and key storage
    * The Binance acquisition of Trust Wallet
    * Trust Wallet’s policy for adding new coins and the criteria they look at


  2. NOWPayments on 21. January 2020 at 2:38

    I always love listening to CEO’s interviews! Take a look into their fascinating world