This user is in this community pretending to help, but he actually drains peoples wallet. Stay away from him and his links – he stole $500 from my wallet.

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  1. RandomPepperoni on 1. April 2024 at 2:45

    Just don’t entertain dms bro, you should protect your own asset


  2. D4ntes_Inferno on 1. April 2024 at 2:45

    So you paid 500$ to learn this lesson. Pretty cheap I must say
    I paid thousands to learn my lesson. Consider your self lucky. Never ever ever ever give your private keys never and to no one. It’s the golden rule


  3. WhiteLies086 on 1. April 2024 at 2:45

    Dude, never ever connect your wallets to a random person’s link, kucoin would never do this anyway so whay made you think it was legit!?


  4. premtiwari69king on 1. April 2024 at 2:45

    what happened?


  5. Altruistic_Bonus_901 on 1. April 2024 at 2:45

    Be more careful next time bro, i hope it is not a huge loss for you and you will recover quickly


  6. ElbowRemoteMan on 1. April 2024 at 2:45

    As long as people fall for scams, scammers won’t stop. As much as we hate scammers there are way more people stupid enough to give away keys or send blindy crypto to some stranger. The amount of people who forget their passwords and blame others or Kucoin for “stealing” their funds on reddit alone is mindblowing. There should be some kind of test to register for a CEX to keep the stupid out of the crypto game.


  7. kburd907 on 1. April 2024 at 2:45

    $500 is a Felony. I’m sure the feds will have no problem tracking u/pholar08 IP Address


  8. Inevitable_Pop4005 on 1. April 2024 at 2:45

    This mf literally has 08 in his name. He’s underaged kid who wants money to play Fortnite