Has anyone recently deposited GBP from their bank to their Binance account using the fast payment service? Just wondering how long this process ordinarily takes as its been almost 12hours for me and the deposit is still not showing up on my Binance account…

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  1. BinanceCSHelp on 5. February 2024 at 13:01

    Hi there! Please know that SEPA instant can take up to 1 day to arrive in your account.
    If this time already passed and you don’t see it reflected, please join our live chat Go to https://binance.com/en/chat select the closest category to your issue, and connect to chat. After the automatic reply from the chatbot, please choose
    “Unsolved” and then click to “Leave Message now” and leave your message. We will assign an agent to assist you as soon as possible -NR


  2. pacomale0616 on 5. February 2024 at 13:01

    Hey guys, looks like it just went through. All good, just that it took a but longer than it usually had done in the past to go through


  3. Laidback_lee on 5. February 2024 at 13:01

    I have done it a few times now and it is usually within a few mins


  4. KingKalmar on 5. February 2024 at 13:01

    I have also had issues, I tried over the weekend, and the money get returned to my bank after 18 hours. I thought it was a weekend thing. So I have tried again twice today and still nothing, has been 12+ hours too.


  5. MathematicianTop2215 on 5. February 2024 at 13:01

    Hey man
    Usually binance has a high security policy and stuffs like this happen
    If you still don’t get it in 24 contact support and then you can be refunded


  6. S4nJ1N on 5. February 2024 at 13:01

    Wait for 3 days and open a complaimant on the app. Money got lost, happened to me few weeks back. They’ll send it back to your bank.


  7. Defvanz on 5. February 2024 at 13:01

    How you did do it ?? I have Natwest and they block it