I know that binance will not allow you to make an order when you use [binance.com](https://binance.com) from USA IP. It will ask you to use [binance.us](https://binance.us) instead.

BUT, will I be able to make an order in [binance.com](https://binance.com) using API when I’m in the USA, or does binance check them too?

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  1. CryptoHuntr on 21. March 2022 at 11:30

    You cant use any API unless you KYC with ID


  2. Annababy520 on 21. March 2022 at 11:30

    Binance doesn’t specify which countries are supported and which are not, but they do have a few blips for traders from different countries around the world. As for US traders, Binance created a separate platform, Binance US, to serve US traders only and restrict their use of its main platform.