Dear Binance,

I want to share with you an update about the Cindicator project. Actually they have created after 5 years of testing and creating different strategies, one strategy that uses different strategies , depending on the market.. This Bot is called “Meta”.
After two years testing, this strategy has given a 43% gain in 2021 and a 27% in 2022 till November..
This strategy outperformed BTC and all the top 200 coins in 2021 and 2022! This with two very difficult years for the market with many dead projects and scams.
This is an average from 35% in a Bear Market! Even elite investment funds can’t give an average of 35% in such a difficult market.


You can find all details here:

Cindicator uses Binance for their strategie. So they bring clients to Binance for the use of their bot and for automated trading with an API link.
When they launched the first one ‘ ‘Long only” they had a peak to 100million under trading in Binance.

So there was 100million that was on Binance and traded with the tradingbot that use AI and that give revenue to you with the fee’s from Binance on a daily basis.
Imagine the revenue when the Meta strategie goes viral and when people will see the results in a Bullmarket.

Because the CND token was a utility token, and not a token for trading, Binance delisted the token. Without looking one moment how the company was evolving.

I dont understand how you dont consider such client like a VIP partner for the future. Is this the quality that give Binance for there special clients?
Personally i would take care off such a client. Give a special partnership to bring the clients fast and with quality to the exchange. This for the trading they do for their clients.. And certainly consider the token like a VIP token.
Other partnerships are also possible like creating indicators for Binance, created by Cindicator.

I want to also remember that Cindicator was a project brought to the public by Palm Beach Confidential. They have thousands of subscribers.

Can you analyse this information and give a serious answer for a client from Binance. Or do I and the Cindicator team dont deserve more services?
Personally I don’t understand how a manager or CZ could agree how Binance gives such poor service and quality to a client like Cindicator.

Best regards,

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  1. skydiver013 on 2. May 2024 at 2:38

    Binance has reply to me with a link to a article:
    Personally i see only one possible raison. It’s the tradingvolume. But is this a reasonable raison? Was it better to hold a dubious token like LUNA or FTX , that certainly not answer to most reasons here in the article.. But with tradingsvolume.. Then CND that answer to all the possible reasons, but with actually not enough tradingsvolume.. Serious doubt about the integrity from Binance here…


  2. mistaken_forstranger on 2. May 2024 at 2:38

    The CND token had an incredibly low trading volume on Binance, so it was not as profitable for them to hold CND on the exchange.
    Personally, I am one of the first supporters of Cindicator and still use their strategies. I’m glad that Cindicator has launched Meta (looks very promising!), and I totally agree with you that the project is still alive since 2017 despite several tough bear markets in opposition to other scams or failed projects.
    However, the team didn’t do much to increase the traction and liquidity of its token. They could do some trading activities with Binance, do market making, etc. So the main blame is not on Binance IMO, however, I agree that Binance can be more professional and support more similar good projects as Cindicator (I can be biased as I already said that I’m an early supporter of the project)


  3. YasR597 on 2. May 2024 at 2:38

    Anybody know if Cindicator has applied to be re-listed? What is the proces? Should definitely be back on Binance.


  4. _Cryptonian on 2. May 2024 at 2:38

    They should give more reasonable answer, as the low volume is not true, there is a lot of low volume tokens on Binance


  5. cryptotradingrocks on 2. May 2024 at 2:38

    Binance is a highly-respected and appreciated exchange handling thousands of crypto assets on a daily basis. Perhaps they are planning to re-list CND after further review of the company. Cindicator has definitely come a long way, especially with the launch of Meta last quarter (as u/skydiver013 mentioned) that is a game-changer for clients. This is definitely a r/cryptotradingrocks topic to consider in 2023.


  6. Wolf_of_cryptos on 2. May 2024 at 2:38

    $CND has also 30k token holders and probably most of the tokens are in Binance and can’t be withdrawn away anymore. If DEX delists tokens, at least withdraw should be possible without time limit.


  7. JLDiazJr07 on 2. May 2024 at 2:38

    upvote, lets get CND on Binance