VERY IMPORTANT BEWARE OF BINANCE.AUCTION SNIPING/FAKE SITE- I’m going to try and type this as fast as I can and relate what happened to me last night so the rest of you can protect yourself.

At about 11:44 PM last night (1/8/2018) I tried logging into to check my account. I was a bit distracted as I was looking as crypto tracker on my phone and logging in on my PC at the same time. After I entered my username and password, I got to the 2FA screen (no slide the shape into the cutout game came up, but I did not realize this) and entered my code. A message came up saying that the code had expired and to re-enter, which I did. the second time it failed I realized something was wrong. I then opened up a new tab, made sure I typed in correctly, logged in successfully and then realized that I had not been given the shape into the cutout game when I tried to login the first time. I knew something was up and went back to my previous binance login tab and checked the website address. It had what appeared to be a verified SSL heading, but the site said I checked the certificate and it said that was valid for * This confused me for a sec, but I then realized I had been sniped. I quickly changed my password twice and checked to make sure there were no outgoing withdrawals. My accounts and wallets all seemed intact. I then checked my email and saw that there was a new login from an IP address other than the one I was using and from abrowser (firefox) I hadn’t used in quite a while, so I clicked the “disable my account” link. I then sent an email to binance support briefly telling them what happened.

ALSO POLONIEX account users should beware as the IP Address associated with the site ( was resolving to Poloniex this morning

Here are some images showing what I am talking about as well as some investigating I did on the

Unathorized IP email: Imgur Fake SSL location: Imgur screengrab 10 AM EST: Imgur IP Poloniex resolving this morning: Imgur Chrome Tile inspection of Imgur hypestat lookup: Imgur ISP Info? Imgur SSL Lookup 1: Imgur Comodo lookup: Imgur Geolocation of server lookup: Imgur Unauthorized IP Address from email-probably spoofed: Imgur

At this point this whole thing seems to be a pretty sophisticated scam and I’m not confident that my wallets will be intact when I finally get my account unlocked from Binance as it really comes down to how fast I was able to act and how quickly me disabling my account went into effect and, any of it mattered if the culprit was still logged in. Even though it was a significant sum I may have lost, I care more about letting you guys know, detailing what happened to me as quick as I could, and providing some info so we can catch this bastard.

It maybe the Wild Wild West in cryptotown these days gang, but lets Posse up and get this muther.

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