What are you buying right now on KuCoin?

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  1. ruderpaule on 3. June 2024 at 8:50



  2. Sizododayladyyu on 3. June 2024 at 8:50

    I’m buying and staking DUA to earn NAI on the Brillion DeFi terminal. Although it’s not yet available on KuCoin, I hope it will be listed there soon.


  3. IndependentFun1529 on 3. June 2024 at 8:50

    Research caw – crow with knife . #1 cronos meme , backed by cdc, only cronos meme on multiple chains. Stable at 50m mc. Steady consolidation at moment. Coin less than 3 months old ATH 105m.


  4. stormingaround10 on 3. June 2024 at 8:50

    I am not buying atm. I am observing the market and earning passively through liquid staking & restaking options. Sticking to Lido, Marinade Finance and Picasso Network turns out like a good idea.


  5. Despicable2020 on 3. June 2024 at 8:50

    Strictly ETH & BTC. Expecting Rivalz Network to list RIZ token on Kucoin as soon as their incentivized testnet program along with their RIZ airdrop is sorted in Q3. Rivalz is the first AI intel layer in the space.


  6. _SilverStatus on 3. June 2024 at 8:50

    Waiting for LKI. Will buy as well when trading opens and will participate on the burningdrop


  7. tsurutatdk on 3. June 2024 at 8:50

    No, I’m not buying for now since I don’t have enough extra cash, but I wish I could increase my DUA bag before the Brillion team releases the V2 smart wallet, which might be this year.


  8. Lower_Strawberry_737 on 3. June 2024 at 8:50

    Currently eyeing for the GAME since it looks promising.