I was wondering what role BNB played in the FTX collapse. Turns out they could not meet the regulations requirements because of Binance. They were forced to buy CZ out which started the collapse. I know there’s war when it comes to competition but it kinda makes me sick. SBF was in over his head, but BNB shouldn’t have hindered them from being regulated.

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  1. ivanoski-007 on 30. January 2024 at 11:47

    It’s all unregulated trash ,cash out from the casino while you can


  2. theultimateusername on 30. January 2024 at 11:47

    SBF was being a dick to CZ. It was kinda personal tbh, not from a competion standpoint. CZ doesn’t care if he’s the biggest (in fact I think he would prefer if he wasn’t). Also a lot of shady dealings on FTXs side kinda twisted CZs hand to say something


  3. Inthewirelain on 30. January 2024 at 11:47

    Wtf, SBF stole billions and pissed it away through Alameda research, how the fuck do you think they’re gonna get regulated with a 10 billion hole in their balance sheet?