I withdrew USDT out of KuCoin using KCC Network to Metamask. I selected KCC to avoid the high fees since the prompt on KuCoin made it sound like MetaMask supported it no problem. Turns out it was a huge hassle and after hours I was finally able to locate my USDT in MetaMask. (Manually added KCC Mainnet into MetaMask and then also manually added USDT Token. Now my funds appear.)

Unfortunately, the research I have done makes it sound like once it was transferred on the KCC Network then it’s stuck on there.

My question is: What can I do with this USDT that is on the KCC Network? Is there any way I can swap it to something else? Is there any way to get it on ERC20? I do not want to go back to KuCoin.

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  1. cryptokingmylo on 11. November 2023 at 22:01

    Transfer it back to kucoin on the kcc network?


  2. Deminero30 on 11. November 2023 at 22:01

    You need to bridge it out of kcc, it’s not stuck there.


  3. alwxcanhk on 11. November 2023 at 22:01

    Add USDT KCC contract to your coin list on METAMASK and the coins will appear. You will need KCS to transfer them back.


  4. Either-Engineer3921 on 11. November 2023 at 22:01

    I am having this same issue. As long as you have KCS you can transfer to your wallet and use that as gas fees to transfer or bridge to ERC20. The issue for me is I cannot get KCS being in US. Can’t transfer back to KuCoin, can’t transfer out because I have no KCS to cover the fees. If anyone here can send me like .1 KCS to my wallet so I can get my money out that would be so very much appreciated.

    Also, I tried swapping ETH for KCS so I could cover the gas fee but this doesn’t work because its a pegged token on the ERC20 mainnet.

    Please somebody save meeeeeeeeee.


  5. Experience242 on 11. November 2023 at 22:01

    Stay away from that shit network kcs. It’s only relevant to KuCoin traders and barely at that. Suck it up and pay the outrageous fee KuCoin charges on the eth network and call it a goodbye gift to them.


  6. Solid-Expression5360 on 11. November 2023 at 22:01

    Have you tried Performing a bridge transfer of assets on the blockchain mainnet Faucet?


  7. bullspeedaheaddd on 11. November 2023 at 22:01

    $dork is in fire