i used my wife’s bank account to deposit money into binance and on the binance account is my name . i just seen after depositing that they advise the name to be the same. but what happens if the name is different ? it’s still the same family name. will the money still get deposited ?

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  1. LordBenny377600 on 6. January 2024 at 2:46

    Best thing to do then, is just to let the Binance team know


  2. BinanceCSHelp on 6. January 2024 at 2:46

    Hello, while depositing or withdrawing fiat currency, the bank account and the owner of the Binance account verified name should be the same.

    In this case, could it be possible for you to contact us via chat support? So we can check the details of the fiat deposit -http://binance.com/en/chat and please provide the Case ID once you have it ^CP


  3. theultimateusername on 6. January 2024 at 2:46

    They should be the same otherwise you might run into issues getting your funds credited. Not worth the hassle, and it could take a long time to fix considering how many transactions binance runs thru, considering your are specifically advised not to do this your case will be lower priority. Either use your own account or set one up for her.