Imho in the future there can/wil be situations where an exchange user gets assigned a new deposit address that is already in use on the corresponding blockchain.

What is binance’s policy on addresses that already hold tokens at the time they are created by binance’s software? Will such an address be automatically excluded and blacklisted or will it be credited to the user account?

I’m asking this in light of the recent event of some addresses getting sent small amounts of ether and then drained to seemingly kucoin addresses.

Feel free to crosspost to kucoin, coinbase, etc

Thank you for your answer.

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  1. Mushoz on 14. November 2018 at 17:52

    This is impossible. The odds of that happening are so incredibly small, that we can neglect it. The odds of winning the lottery three times in a row, and then getting hit by a meteorite when trying to hand in the winning tickets are higher than that.


  2. 8w2e5s6h8r6a5n9e0a3s on 14. November 2018 at 17:52

    This is not only Binance problem. This is whole Base58 Encoding issue.

    Right now you can try to generate non-zero wallet with 2^-160 chance.