Someone please tell me what the heck is going on and what’s going on with KuCoin do I have to find another exchange ?

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  1. Front-Doughnut3093 on 16. May 2024 at 7:33

    Is KuCoin banned in the United States of America


  2. Sud0F1nch on 16. May 2024 at 7:33

    You can still use it.


  3. Sud0F1nch on 16. May 2024 at 7:33

    Have been for years. But there is some law strangeness. And some
    “If you were here yes, but now that you here now, no” things like on crypto loaning. You may be grandfathered into the ability or unable at all to loan crypto.
    For example

    But overall it works fine


  4. WebProject on 16. May 2024 at 7:33

    Use VPN as some countries like UK and USA do have scam clowns in government happy to take tax from your crypto profit but at the same time f@ckup crypto industry