I have been using Binance for over 2 years now and this is the first time experiencing this. I was put in a group in whatsapp named Binance help desk Netherlands. A group admin inmidiatly send a message axplaining that this group was made to help people with all their problems regarding Binance. This inmidiatly raised some red flags for me and I reported and left the group. But i want to know how they got my phone number? Can it be that personall information got leaked or do you guys think it’s pure (un) luck they put someone in the group that actually used Binance?

To give some background information. I never share my phone number or any other personall information with third parties and just a few people now I am using Binance in generall. So what are your thoughts on this?

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  1. Miserable_Drink_8920 on 12. September 2023 at 16:37

    Not hard to guess a phone number and with more and more getting into crypto the probabilities are in the scammers favor.


  2. TheRealMrVogel on 12. September 2023 at 16:37

    I was put in a WhatsApp group as well this morning, but for me the WhatsApp group is called “Binance Netherlands A630”. The following message was sent (in Dutch):

    “Hallo iedereen, ik ben Lisa van het Binance team.
    Binance is de grootste cryptocurrency investeringsbeurs ter wereld. We vieren momenteel de vijfde verjaardag van Binance en om het gebruik van Binacias in Nederland te vergroten, hebben we willekeurig gelukkige Nederlanders die geïnteresseerd zijn in beleggen geselecteerd om deel te nemen aan een focusgroep om te praten en te leren van professionele analisten. Bovendien zal elke persoon een aantal beloningen ontvangen (beloningen omvatten. Cryptocurrency, toegang tot Binance, en materialen om te leren over cryptocurrency handelstechnieken, enz.)”

    It raised a lot of red flags, the biggest ones:

    * Using a WhatsApp group
    * Without asking people are put in a WhatsApp group, seems to me a breach of privacy.
    * Grammar and typo mistakes in message above

    I was thinking of sending a warning message in the group but don’t want to put myself at risk. Anything I can do?


  3. IwanTheTerrible on 12. September 2023 at 16:37

    So, on Monday 27th of Feb I was added to a group on WhatsApp called “Binance Netherlands C509”.

    There is someone presented as a Binance analist, he’s called Frank, and his assistant called Lisa. I asked for credentials to prove that he represents Binance, but of course nothing yet.It strikes me that the messages from Frank and Lisa are strange, like they’ve been translated (machine translated). in Dutch we just say “Mining” but Lisa and Frank use “mijnbouw” which is the literal translation of mining… They send completely stupid messages with some “information”, and someone will always reply “wow, that’s so useful, thank you” while it’s just nonsense.There are 67 “users” in the group now, of which there are 5 numbers that belong to Frank and 7 numbers that belong to Lisa. 5 other numbers have the Binance logo as profile picture but no user name and 1 more has the Binance logo and the name Jordy Kooy.

    Just in: They advice to join in DeFi mining, and the are asking people to join Binance and download the Trust wallet:Er zijn twee manieren om Trust Wallet te downloaden.

    1: Rechtstreeks van de Binance website: schuif naar beneden en klik op Trust Wallet om te downloaden.

    De officiële Binance-website: [https://www.binance.com](https://www.binance.com)


    2: Zoek in de Google Store of Apple Store: Trust Wallet

    Keep you posted!!

    *** Edit:
    “lisa” asked me: Stuur me dan het adres om de BEP20 netwerk USDT te ontvangen en ik zal de beloning voor je aanvragen. ($5,00)
    In English: Then send me the address to receive the BEP20 network USDT and I will request the $5,00 reward for you.




  4. IwanTheTerrible on 12. September 2023 at 16:37

    Here’s the next developments. I’m now in direct contact with “Lisa”. They said that we should use the Trust wallet, because Trust wallet belongs to Binance. First, you should buy BNB in Trust wallet.


    Click on browser

    Then copy and paste in the browser:


  5. IwanTheTerrible on 12. September 2023 at 16:37

    Campagnevoorschriften en -eisen

    1: Download de exclusieve gedecentraliseerde portemonnee van Binance: Trust Wallet

    2: Voeg USDT-BEP20 toe aan uw vertrouwensportfolio nadat u uw portefeuille heeft geregistreerd.

    3: In aanmerking komende USDT-BEP20-adressen zullen beginnen te delven en BEP20-adressen zullen dagelijks een gestage opbrengst van USDT ontvangen.

    4: rekeningsaldo niet minder dan 500 USDT

    Gebruikers die Trust Wallet downloaden zullen beloond worden met het equivalent van $5 BNB voor deelname aan liquid mining, wat dagelijkse mining-inkomsten zal genereren.


  6. IwanTheTerrible on 12. September 2023 at 16:37

    Binance Exchange lanceert in samenwerking met Trust-Wallet DeFi Liquidity Mining om de markt in Nederland uit te breiden.

    DeFi Liquidity Mining zet het traditionele mijnbouwmodel op zijn kop. Terwijl fysieke mijnbouw gebruik maakt van rekenkracht en elektriciteit in ruil voor tokens en beloningen, is liquidity mining een “door munten gegenereerde valuta”.

    Gewoon uw tokens storten (Trust-Wallet), met succes verbinding maken met een pool van geld, intelligent mijnen en inkomsten genereren!


    Als u bijvoorbeeld USDT in uw portefeuille plaatst en deelneemt aan een liquiditeitspool voor slimme contracten, ontvangt u uw inkomsten pas de dag nadat u de USDT in de pool hebt geplaatst.

    U hoeft hier niet veel tijd aan te besteden, (u kunt tot 7% per dag verdienen) Wie mee wil doen kan contact met mij opnemen door op onderstaand visitekaartje te klikken.


  7. IwanTheTerrible on 12. September 2023 at 16:37

    The expected profits according to them:


    1. 500-999usdt, dagelijks beleggingsrendement van 1% van de USDT-activa, dagelijks rendement: 5-9,99USDT

    2. 1.000-2.999 USDT, dagelijks beleggingsrendement van 1,5% van de USDT-activa. , dagelijkse verdiensten: 15-44,98 USDT

    3. 3.000-9.999 USDT met een dagelijks rendement van 2% van de USDT-activa. Dagelijkse inkomsten: 60-199,98 USDT

    4. 10.000-29.999 USDT, met een dagelijks rendement van 3,5% van de USDT-activa. Dagelijkse verdiensten: 350-1049,96USDT

    5. 30.000-99.999 USDT, dagelijks rendement van 5% van de USDT-activa. Dagelijkse verdiensten: 1500-4999.95 USDT

    6. 100.000 USDT of meer. Dagelijks rendement op investering van 7% van USDT activa. Dagelijkse verdiensten: 7.000 USDT of meer


  8. PSV-hooligan on 12. September 2023 at 16:37

    Hello everyone, I am also added to a WhatsApp group called Binance Netherlands B104. I didn’t fully trust it and that’s why I went googling. The number that this WhatsApp group created comes from Pakistan, the number is +92 301 7681276. It initially had 132 participants and after a few days only half. One of the group managers is called Frank, his profile photo looks like someone from the Middle East. Nobody from the Middle East calls his son Frank, very suspicious. ‘Frank’ has at least 6 telephone numbers in this WhatsApp group. So I’m not going to invest in this. With me there is also a Jordy Kooy in the WhatsApp group. It is clear that this is a scam.


  9. Interesting_Fig1021 on 12. September 2023 at 16:37

    Hi guys I am in a uk binance scam one hosted by some so called professor, I am playing along there is lots of bots in the group also posting positive responses about this “defi investing” … I will keep you updated where it ends


  10. willwumm on 12. September 2023 at 16:37

    I’m in one very similar called ‘DEFI Mining Pool A25’, the so-called “professor” leading the mining project has exactly the same profile photo as on another scam in this thread, his assistant ‘Lina’ is there offering people advice and telling people to download this Trust Wallet through a dodgy link.

    The group itself has around 80 people in, I’d say the majority of these look like fake accounts, as they keep making weird smalltalk about how US banks are on the verge of collapse and we should be hauling all our assets into crypto. Very very odd. The structure of the messages themselves look like they’ve been wrote through ChatGPT and Google translate. Very strange. If you scroll up and down you can see some of their bios are identical.

    The DEFI mining scheme offered absolutely insane returns like 447% a month if you invested 100,000 USDT, clearly not feasible, but I can imagine if you’ve fell on hard times financially and you could be easily tricked.

    I had about a few hundred pounds in crypto trading through Binance a few years ago, I didn’t understand why I’d been selected as a particularly loyal customer to participate in this, I’m glad I found this thread as I was slightly intrigued and maybe could’ve been convinced to invest



  11. simoneje on 12. September 2023 at 16:37

    Hello! This is happening in swedish now as well.


  12. ropinheiro on 12. September 2023 at 16:37

    It is happening now in Portugal too. Here is a screenshot. It is a message I sent asking why messages that look like ChatGPT-generated ones are persisted while messages written by what look like real humans are removed. Then I mocked a bit asking if the purpose of the group is to just have ChatGPT-like bots talking between them, and I got kicked out of the group.



  13. _-K8-_ on 12. September 2023 at 16:37

    I just got added to a WhatsApp grout few days ago, in belgium
    . I read this post, and posted the link in that chat asking for explanation , immediately I was thrown out of the group. Thank you for your warnings! They almost got me until I started thinking it was too good to be true and googled it


  14. BinanceCSHelp on 12. September 2023 at 16:37

    Hi there, thank you for sharing with us. Due to security reasons, please use Binance Verify to check whether the source officially represents Binance. website link, email address, phone number, WeChat ID, Twitter account or Telegram ID: https://www.binance.com/en/official-verification


  15. [deleted] on 12. September 2023 at 16:37



  16. bluffpearce on 12. September 2023 at 16:37

    I got i call yesterday from a liverpool number and declined it, because i am being spammed about crypto scammers for a while. They told me i had a bitcoin on binance.I wish that i had.This morning i was added to a whatsapp group where only admins could post.Deleted it straight away and reported it


  17. IwanTheTerrible on 12. September 2023 at 16:37

  18. IwanTheTerrible on 12. September 2023 at 16:37

    Then Switch to the BNB smart chain, go back to the page



    Press the button “received”

    And then click “confirm”


  19. IwanTheTerrible on 12. September 2023 at 16:37

    That’s as far as I’ve gone, I haven’t pressed “confirm” yet.
    But it’s clear to me that it’s a scam anyway.
    Just interested how it works for them…


  20. IwanTheTerrible on 12. September 2023 at 16:37

    Seems I’ve found it. The moment you press the button to “receive your voucher” you actually enter into a so-called smart contract. With this you hand over the control to the scammers. Now they control your assets. They encourage you to “invest” more and the app will show you nice daily returns. Then they will put you under pressure to add more money to receive a big bonus… and then one sunny day it’s all gone.
    The scheme is called “pig-butchering” because they push on you to invest more, to make the pig fatter before they butcher it…


  21. F33db3ck on 12. September 2023 at 16:37

    Haha.. I typed, “Looks more like a scam” and was kicked immediately from the WhatsApp group.


  22. F33db3ck on 12. September 2023 at 16:37

    $ 150, – dollars a day with $ 5.000, – start capital sounds too good to be true.


  23. beliebie on 12. September 2023 at 16:37

    Weird thing, I didn’t use Binance for months. Last night I logged in quickly just to check how much my coins were worth. Visit lasted 5 minutes, didn’t do anything else. Then this morning I was put in a group like that. Coincidence? I think not.


  24. Aggressive-Video3876 on 12. September 2023 at 16:37

    Hallo allemaal, ik ben ook toegevoegd aan zo een groep. Ik ben al een week een stille lezer. Ik had gelijk door dat er iets niet klopte. Ik heb de nummers van de beheerders gekopieerd.

    crypto Discussion F652

    Hallo! lk gebruik WhatsApp
    Hallo! lk gebruik WhatsApp.
    Binance analyst Frank
    Binance Lisa
    Binance Lisa
    Hallo! Ik gebruik WhatsApp.
    Hallo! Ik gebruik WhatsApp
    Binance analyst Frank


  25. Medium-Box-7154 on 12. September 2023 at 16:37

    I have recently been added to a group too. It is SO TEMPTING to put money in. I actually did put $1400 in then got the jitters and took it out, created a new Trust wallet and moved my bigger assets to the new wallet. What do the permissions actually mean when you connect the Dapp to your TW? There are two permissions given. Do they allow the (potential) scammers to actually withdraw your assets?


  26. Dropdmc on 12. September 2023 at 16:37

    Watch out for the Binance Netherlands whats app scam they can take your coins after pressing recieved button your coins is being transfer to the binance chain, at the end they ask you to pay taxes for release your coin i did not pay so now the amount of coins is stuck in the Binance smart chain as i have seen in the bscscan.com, Also had contact with “Binance Lisa” “Binance Frank”


  27. rawwhitewalls on 12. September 2023 at 16:37

    i was just part of the similar scam in UK – two whatsapp groups created offering support and then straight away offering part in the liquidity mining pool from 1 to 7% return daily based on the investment. all connected through trust wallet and smart contract. i got 2 days payout and then started wondering – when asked about verification i was removed from the group. i thought is genuine binance – because otherwise – have no idea how they would have my phone number and knew i am a binance member? group was something binance UK A102 and second was H102 but cant remember exact name. reported groups on whatsapp as scam and reported this to Binance as well.


  28. NIKE4MIC on 12. September 2023 at 16:37

    Have fallen for this sadly, moneys in there “till May 7 then I can withdraw”. Really silly that I didn’t do research and kind of assumed that due to logging in and then suddenly being added it was legit. Really really stupid mistake and hope others don’t do the same.


  29. chito101 on 12. September 2023 at 16:37


    This week I was also added to a so called Binance group chat. I already found it very suspicious and also the people that were so interested in mining and so positive about everything told by the analyst and assistant. I did not asked something in the chat or to “Sheila” personally


  30. Suitable_Match5085 on 12. September 2023 at 16:37

    I have been a victim of a very legit looking scam.

    It was a WhatsApp concluding me to the new liquidity mining sector of Binance.

    All the links were cool and everything was going from the trust wallet. The USDT would stay in my wallet and I could watch the amount grow.

    I had to go to the browser function and put in a curtain address to get qualified, I guess that’s where the leak was.

    After about 10 days I got a system notification that I got upgraded and as soon as that happened my asset where locked. And since then there is no getting on to my USDT.

    I have been scammed before, but this was some real pro action!


  31. ClimatePrestigious58 on 12. September 2023 at 16:37

    I have also been added to the German version of this.
    Eventhough the messages seem so weirdly machine translated it is still a very professional scam.
    I’m glad I didn’t have any money to invest anyway.

    Also I don’t own a binance or trust wallet account but suddenly I got an email that an account was made with my email adress somewhere in Canada.
    Did that also happen to anyone?


  32. HalakojaPentele on 12. September 2023 at 16:37

    Bit necroing, but got this same today in Finland too. Group description was written with understandable finnish, although the group name was written on some middle european language (Kripto klub (:D)) and there was zero talk since 10 hours of creation. Group was created by Nigerian number and admins numbers were from Nigeria (+234), UK (+44) and Germany (+49) so clearly a scam.


  33. Jayrom2k on 12. September 2023 at 16:37

    It happens now in Belgium… with Emily Binance … liquidity mining with a DAILY return of 4% … just paying attention to not jump into this scam even if people send everyday messages to thank Emily for the process to link trust wallet to their liquidity mining pool…. And how it is amazing and simple to get DAILY reward…


  34. Jedi_ninga on 12. September 2023 at 16:37

    Im also in one with alcie