Years ago I started a smart rebalance bot, and after everything crashed to oblivion I just left it there.

With the sudden rise of all crypto again, I went to check on it, and noticed that majority of my coins are much higher now, than when my avg purchase price was.

But why is my loss still so great?

Also any tips of if I should wait till I’m positive, or move it somewhere else?

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  1. 0xSnib on 7. March 2024 at 0:30

    Because it has made losses whilst trading

    These bots aren’t very good in a trending market as they’re constantly selling and then buying higher to rebalance


  2. Emergency_Sun_8212 on 7. March 2024 at 0:30

    Rebalance bots sell at a loss when the value drops. If you use a rebaalnce bot and the value goes negative, you need to pause it until it regains value. If you donțt , it will sell at a loss to keep the portfolio balanced asset wise and not value wise.


  3. -Blue_Bull- on 7. March 2024 at 0:30

    The bot has done a very good job at minimising your losses during an absolute killer of a bear market. If you hadn’t rebalanced during the bear market, your losses would be a lot more than $5k.

    This is the whole point of portfolio rebalancing, it minimises losses and maximises gains.

    You’re down 39% which is nothing in crypto terms. Just leave it running. The more rebalances you have, the more profit you will generate.

    I would run a portfolio such as that on 30min rebalance. It’s not clear in the instructions, but a 30min rebalance will only trigger if the deviation is more than 0.5%. This actually defies common knowledge because it means it’s better than a 1% deviation rebalancer. You get the best of both worlds as you capture more of the price swings. The fees for all these rebalances are pennies, less than 20 cents a day on a $12k portfolio like yours.

    What you want to be doing this time round is looking for a portfolio stoploss. Then when we enter the next bear market, convert everything to USDT and stake it. If you’d have done that last time and launched your rebalancer near the bottom, you’d be sitting on at least $100k now. Of course none of us can perfectly time the market. So the best option is to switch on the rebalancer when BTC is 50% down from its ATH, then let it DCA its way into positions and rebalance away the draw downs.

    Don’t worry about that $5k, you’ll have that back in a few months.


  4. Mislav_Cupek on 7. March 2024 at 0:30

    I had a bot running on KuCoin. Gave it $1000 as a test. It made initial 1% profit then immediately went into a loss. As this was a test I left it there running on its own – it ran itself to the ground. Total loss.


  5. Leo-G_G on 7. March 2024 at 0:30

    What’s this OP? Im even more noob than you are in comparison with the boys helping you, can you explain please ?


  6. [deleted] on 7. March 2024 at 0:30



  7. TripleReward on 7. March 2024 at 0:30

    You rebalance a shitcoin portfolio.

    You could have lost more, the bot made the best out of it. But ita still just shitcoins.