For Elastos the market price at one time was $34 with a sell price of $22 on Kucoin (when the quote was $21.36). Now the buy price is over $24 while the sell price drifted lower to 21.97. Elsewhere Elastos bid and ask close to $21.67. Seems Kucoin quotes are higher than normal for buyers and lower than normal for sellers with high fees. Why?

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  1. CurrensKruptos on 22. July 2018 at 15:49

    Hi, RoseM2018! We fully understand you. However, it will depend on the market condition and we do not have control over it. Thank you.


  2. dcatt47 on 22. July 2018 at 15:49

    Kucoin volume is insanely small so the spread between ask and bid is incredibly large which often forces people to buy elsewhere. Less volume = Bigger spread.

    With a total 24 hour volume of a little more than $37 million across 350 trading pairs the average volume per trading pair is roughly $105k.

    IMO volume is the biggest problem with Kucoin. It’s spread across way too many trading pairs. They’ve got almost as many trading pairs as Binance with a lot less volume.


  3. vanfly on 22. July 2018 at 15:49

    Because none of kucoins marketing does anything to attract trade volume. There are constant 5 btc give aways on twitter that get split between thousands of people. Instead of putting 5 btc aside every week and rewarding 10-15 users per week with say top trader reward, biggest deposit reward and random trader rewards…. You know things that would attract volume.

    Market maker rewards etc.

    What real incentive do people have to use kucoin?


  4. glassesofharrypotter on 22. July 2018 at 15:49

    hmmm.. well that sucks.