# 04.11.2020 Bitstamp deleted my account !!!!


Bitstamp deleted my account, which is over two years old, is $ 50K. The reason for deleting the account has not been reported. While communicating with the support service, I provided all the necessary photos with documents in my hands. And provided the bank details for the Swift transfer. How long does it take to transfer money to my account using a fast transfer? I am very worried, since the amount is large for me, I was not told about the timing of the transfer of my funds! Are there still people with a similar situation?


  1. Machinedaena7 on 24. September 2022 at 17:17

    When did you make the withdrawal? When was their last message confirming the last piece of info you needed to securely enable the withdrawal?


  2. Bitstamp-Domen on 24. September 2022 at 17:17

    Hi, check the reply to your post from u/Bitstamp-Lucas.