Hi, my acount has been frozen because i could not enter the correct pin code. Now I restarted everything, i still have to upload 2 documents for review : source of crypto and source of funds (the other docs have been approved).
Source of crypto : i always charge the state of my bank acount in april 2020 (date on which i made the transfer) and this one is always rejected, why ? How can I don? What orher document i can charge instead ?
Source of funds : i changed country in the meantime so I don’t have payslip less than 3 months showing my previous adress. So either i show the new payslip (but the adress is wrong) or i show the old payslip (but it’s more than 3 months). How can I do ???


  1. Bitstamp-Domen on 29. June 2022 at 14:17

    As source of crypto, you should submit any relevant document displaying the origin of your cryptocurrency assets (e.g. purchase logs, trading history, withdrawal history at other exchanges, etc.)

    As source of funds, you should submit any financial document which can confirm the origin of your fiat funds used to purchase crypto (e.g. salary pay slip, tax revenue statement, investment portfolio, etc.)

    I hope this helps. If you PM me your ticket number (BIT-######) I can look further into your case specifically for you.


  2. p0theadl0ngtime on 29. June 2022 at 14:17

    Don’t bother with any of it , all a waste of time they froze my account after I make a 1500 bank transfer , in order to lift the freeze I had to submit photos that weren’t even address by bit stamp for another week at which I called and called and got it expedite to “High Priority “ that’s a joke , so another week comes and goes and nothing more from bitstamp except thank you for being patient some one will be reviewing your case soon , which brings me to today, the first day of 3weeks of stupidly from bitstamp , I get the golden bitstamp termination award yayyy, I’m so furious right now . As I honestly did not a thing wrong. And to add insult to injury the dumbasses wanna take crypto I’ve waited 3 weeks exchange it back to usd and ach it back to my bank which will only take god knows how long when they should have just let me withdraw my crypto as crypto


  3. gregoriye7 on 29. June 2022 at 14:17

    bit -888193 ticket support

    when I provided 3 times all the documents, you are still keeping the account frozen coming back with the same email of uploading/providing the evidence,

    what is the real reason for keeping the account frozen?

    only if you really with this kind of things are scamming almost everyone on the market