I’ve had an account with Bitstamp since 2014. I’ve now decided to withdraw some money. Bitstamp wont let me though! They keep making excuse after excuse. First they didnt recognise a valid SWIFT code. After I proved the code was correct, they started asking for ID to validate who I was despite going through this hurdle back in 2014. Then they wanted me to validate the account Im transferring to is mine, despite being in my name! FFS! Is it their business who I transfer MY money to anyway? The saga continues and they are still finding reasons to stall.

I can only assume they intend to keep my money – presumably because the decline in BTC means they could be in dire financial trouble? Their behaviour is like that of a failing ponzi scheme that is aiming to run off with client money. I’m very worried. I complained directly to the CEO, who emailed me to say he will look into it, but since then I’m just getting more blocks making me more suspicious.

Have other people had similar experiences?


  1. WalkerTXRangr0 on 14. January 2023 at 20:45

    I am in the same boat. They are refusing to wire me a USD withdrawal and continuously say that it has been sent. I have confirmed with my bank that there are no wires transferring. BitStamp has turned scam.


  2. btc_clueless on 14. January 2023 at 20:45

    this sounds worrying. I’ve been with bitstamp for years with now problems or delays so far. the largest amounts I withdrew were in the 5-figures.
    may I know where you are located? US, EU, elsewhere?
    if I remember correctly there were some issues with people trying to withdraw money to the US, not sure for what reason. Your case though sounds more like excuses, hmm


  3. threefeet73 on 14. January 2023 at 20:45

    I guess you could say you’re lucky, imagine that your acc was terminated without notice. That’s what happened to me.


  4. maifrank on 14. January 2023 at 20:45

    Bitstamp is a big trouble in crypto world



  5. 1hellowworld on 14. January 2023 at 20:45

    As an update, my I got a confirmation from Bitsatmp that my money has been wired out.


    It took a week and many emails to get the money wired. Life shouldn’t be this difficult. I’ve informed the CEO that the process and checks they perform are too cumbersome and somewhat redundant given the other checks they have in place like 2 factor authentication. I’m sure it will drive people away.


  6. ciafirefighter on 14. January 2023 at 20:45

    A lot of people have been through troubles using Bitstamp, probably the majority of their customers. Never seen anything like this on any other platform.


  7. tonybowers on 14. January 2023 at 20:45

    Let’s put it this way bitstamp it’s a 9th from the bottomon the list of exchanges by market cap.
    Bitstamp’s market cap is 12.4 billion,
    Compared to binances market cap which is over 350 billion to date. Put two and two together!