I am trying to retrieve 250 EUR I have paid from a bank-acount to bitstamp.

I am asking them since 2 months to send this money back to the bank account it came from and to close my bitstamp account.

I opened 2 separated tickets for the same issue: (…numbers deleted…, after feedback from Bitstamp-Domen, see comment below)

They keep saying since 2 months that they are looking into this issue. It is a grotesque dialog: They say we are looking at the issue and will contact you as soon as possible. Me waiting 2 weeks, then asking: what is going on and recieving the same bullshit empty promise repeatidly: we are looking and will contact you asap. It is going on since 2 months. Grotesque and time wasting dialog.

I wrote to [complaints@bitstamp.net](mailto:complaints@bitstamp.net) . No answer after one month.

Then I looked at [https://www.bitstamp.net/compliant-resolution-procedure/](https://www.bitstamp.net/compliant-resolution-procedure/) and contacted the authorities (CSSF) to have someone looking at this: [https://www.cssf.lu/en/customer-complaints/](https://www.cssf.lu/en/customer-complaints/)

The answer from CSSF was plain **AMAZING**:

*the CSSF is competent for the handling of certain categories of customers’ complaints against Bitstamp Europe S.A. according to the CSSF Regulation no. 16-07 relating to the outof-court resolution of complaints. If you wish to complain against Bitstamp Europe S.A. we kindly invite you to provide us with documents (e.g. account opening documents) proving that you are a client of Bitstamp Europe S.A. In this respect we also invite you to provide us with more details regarding the funds that are blocked on your account.*

( JUR.22 / 4530 – ABU / PZO / LTG 2022/1080 Contact person: Admir B. )

Then i sudenly realize that i am a client from Bitstamp Ltd, not from Bitstamp Europe.

**BEWARE**: it seems Bistamp Ltd is not regulated by the CSSF. Are they regulated at all, or just above the laws? It seems to me Bistamp Ltd is just retaining funds without any justification and possible control.

Hmm, I would advice anyone to stick with a crypto-broker properly regulated, if you want to keep your money, time and nerves safe…


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  1. Bitstamp-Domen on 5. July 2023 at 14:30

    Sorry to hear that. I’ve urged our team to get back to you so keep a lookout for our email. Also, for security reasons, I’d advise you edit out your ticket numbers.