I requested a withdrawal from my Bitstamp account and I’ve been denied by the support. A ticket was originally opened in February 2021 and they are demanding all sorts of documents from me.

* Bank Statements
* Payslips
* Income statements from being self employed
* Trading records
* Tax Returns
* Investment Portfolio Records

Initially I provided 2 bank statements since they asked where one of my deposits had originated. 1 month passed and then in the same ticket they told me that they would not accept the bank statements as KYC proof, and asked for details of my income. The ticket number is *BIT-871127*\*\*\*.\*\*\*

It so happens that I am a self employed crypto trader and trading is my income, so I feel like they are putting me in an impossible situation and it’s almost as if they want to stop me withdrawing my money. ***This seems to be a new regime because I have never experienced this resistance withdrawing money in the past and I have been a customer since 2014.*** I am also a customer of Ok Coin and other exchanges, and those recent withdrawals were processed immediately with no pushback.

I just assumed that when I deposited funds into Bitstamp withdrawing them would be a simple process but this will surely be the last time I ever make that mistake again.

Warning for anyone considering depositing money into Bitstamp in 2021!















  1. Bitstamp-Domen on 9. June 2022 at 13:48

    Sorry you feel this way. We conduct KYC procedures to continue providing a safe and secure exchange as well as to comply with our regulatory obligations. I’ve contacted the agent working on your case to review your last reply in the shortest time possible. As a safety measure, I’d advise you not to post sensitive information publicly and edit out your ticket number. You can replace the digits with ‘######’.


  2. JamboFarasi on 9. June 2022 at 13:48

    Did you get your cash?