As described in my last letter, I have been trying to get my money paid out from Bitstamp for more than 6 months.

The payout dates that were given to me in the beginning were


First promised payout date was 7.12.2022

Have been changed again by Bitstamp through a special digital agreement with a consent/approval button. (See image)

I received the digital agreement via email and wanted to regain my trust in Bitstamp with goodwill and maybe even my trust.

The payout dates were again distributed in three installments and Bitstamp wrote me in detail, as anyone can see, that these payout days cannot change.

The first installment payment was to be made on 21.02.2023.

Although my lawyer contacted Bitstamp several times to make sure there would be no further delays, the department responsible for the payout assured us that all dates were fixed and the payout would be made without any problems.

Today is now 21.02.2023 and again I see that no payment has been made by Bitstamp.
Although I contacted Bitstamp again today, I have not received a response.

I would like to send a message to all Bitstamp managers and CEOs and all new investors.

Embezzlement, fraud, theft – how can this continue? Aren’t you ashamed to steal other people’s property?

How can investors like me still trust this company?

I ask everyone who is really reading this not to trust this company with a dime, today, tomorrow or in a year there are so many victims like me who will not get their money back, you may be next.

Please take this to heart!

I will not stop seeking justice, and I am now again very consciously convinced that this company is a real scammer.

Although the local court obliges Bitstamp to pay out my assets, this company is trying to get their hands on my assets with lies and dishonest statements.

The financial damage that Bitstamp has caused me in more than 6 months is inexplicable and undoubtedly from more than two promised and not met deadlines absolute proof that Bitstamp is trying to embezzle the assets.


  1. Bitstamp-Lucas on 29. April 2023 at 12:40

    Hi Yusuf,

    Unfortunately, there are many websites and social media accounts that look similar to ours and are trying to compromise our users.

    The email you provided did not come from us and we would never require our users to pay any kind of installments for investments as this is not the service we provide. We are an exchange where you can buy, sell and trade your crypto, but we do not offer any kind of trading advice.

    Our official and only Bitstamp exchange app can be found in Google play under the name “Bitstamp: Buy Bitcoin & Crypto” and in the App store “Bitstamp: Buy Bitcoin & Crypto”.

    Our only website is

    If you suspect any kind of foul play from the side of the person you are dealing with, I strongly advise that you contact your local authorities and file an official report.

    You can send me a DM for more info, but I would also strongly suggest you report this immediately.



  2. Bitstamp-Domen on 29. April 2023 at 12:40

    Hey, I’ll need more info on your case. Send me a PM.

    – Domen from Bitstamp


  3. [deleted] on 29. April 2023 at 12:40

    I assure you that all emails are from your company. The statement alone that there are open tickets and that there has been no response since august shows how carelessly investors’ inquiries are answered.

    Aktuel I have yesterday again a ticket eroffnet so you had to see that and clearly now can respond to it.