Years ago, I decided to store my assets with Bitstamp for security reasons. But when I wanted to trade due to the deep fall of Bitcoin, everything seemed normal at first until they tried to withdraw my assets from Bitstamp.

Then the constant login problems with the 2fa authenticator started. Transactions were confirmed and Bitstamp deducted the fee from the wallet, but the transaction did not go through.

My account was blocked and so was my balance. For a few months I tried to solve this problem myself with Bitstamp support and submitted several documents and was always told to be patient. When there was no way out, I called in my lawyer.
Months ago, I filed a complaint with the public prosecutor’s office and the police for fraud and embezzlement. Months later I received another email from Bitstamp saying that they had obtained a judgement from the local court and were now ready to pay out the assets to me. They asked me for a wallet address which I gave them and via servicedesk I was told that an agreement would be sent to me by post before 07.12.2022 and as soon as it arrived I would have 5 days to appeal and accept it. This agreement never arrived, even though I asked several times for the tracking number, I was not given it. But then I got an email from Servicedesk about my balance and that they would like to transfer it in 3 instalments.

1. 19/01/2023
2. 11/02/2023
3. 26/03/2023

and assured me that they as a company would keep to these times and that at the end of the payment I would have no further rights to Bitstamp.
Finally, Bitstamp wanted to send me a “supposed” specific digital agreement within 5 days. After 10 days I asked where this agreement was and the support replied that I should be patient, that it was being prepared and that the payout days were fixed. After 5 days I asked again and this time I got no answer and after 5 days I asked again and again I got no answer. When the transfer day arrived yesterday, I was amazed to see that nothing had been transferred.

Your assets are stored in cold wallet according to Bitstamp, but Bitstamp tries to pay their assets to you in installments.

Don’t think it is not a cold wallet, I think it is obvious that Bitstamp does use the assets of its customers.

I have been trying to get my assets for almost 6 months now, to no avail.
Now I have informed my lawyer that I will not accept any more instalments and would like to take criminal action against Bitstamp and have interest on arrears that Bitstamp as a company has caused me.

It is frightening how a company does financial harm to people here.

To all the victims I know I am not alone go to your lawyer file a criminal complaint and don’t wait like I did for everything to get better. Your assets are your right!

I will now prepare and file a written complaint with the SEC and the FCA about Bitstamp starting today. A close examination of this company is essential and should be completed as soon as possible. There are hundreds of cases on Trust and Reddit and I think this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The countries where Bitstamp is based should finally start investigating this company and, if necessary, order its closure. A crypto exchange like Bitstamp trades in millions of dollars on the day and the damage is unpredictable, as I am currently experiencing first-hand.

– Disinvestment of assets – Fraud
– Non-compliance with court rulings – Non-compliance with financial agreements – Misappropriation/embezzlement of financial assets.

Are clearly a criminal offence in all countries worldwide and not just where Bitstamp is based!


  1. Bitstamp-Domen on 9. May 2023 at 12:59

    I have reached out to you via chat so check it out. Also, for security reasons I advise you remove your ticket number and refrain from posting any sensitive information publicly.


  2. Foreign-Animator-861 on 9. May 2023 at 12:59

    Tank you Yusuf for your information! i will contact our financial authority in germany the BaFin! It’s sad how they are with us investors…


  3. Abject-Pollution-919 on 9. May 2023 at 12:59

    I often read things like this about Bitstamp, I also have an account there, but I don’t dare to deposit anything, they are unpredictable.
    Hope you get your coins back quickly thanks for your post eases my decision to stay away from Bitstamp


  4. kumawewe on 9. May 2023 at 12:59

    Your first statement is the problem…”I decided to store my assets with Bitstamp for security reasons”

    They told me in 2015…. Do not leave your assets on any exchange. If you are trading , or have more than $1000 and that money means a lot to you, spend the $70 or £69 or whatever it is on a Ledger. If it’s on an exchange, it’s NOT your crypto