Plan was to create bitstamp account and send some fiat to there. Then bought some crypto and wanted to withdraw it to the personal cold wallet.

Discovered that crypto withdrawals are by default forbidden in Bitstamp for “client protection”. Then contacted the support and then they suspended all trading as well.

I have waited two months now and they completely ignore me. Will I ever see my funds?



  1. SignificantMatch1588 on 8. April 2024 at 1:57

    Stay secure , I’m glad I came across a redditor who save me from scam, after being scam once on Instagram i got myself involve in cryptocurrency investment with a fake profile who claims to be an account manager. It was a hell of a life for me through this period. I got introduce to him by a redditor who help me to contact him, I was damn scared because I don’t want it to happen again. I had to get some confirmation for myself before I talk to him on WhatsApp. I discovered that is a real profile because they had some partners with the FBI agent. So I told him how I got scam, he asked about my transaction history and I show that to him. I was thinking that’s not possible because have never been a victim of bitcoin scam before. But the sweetest part of these, is that he helped me recover all my lost Bitcoin from the scam wallet. To be honest is indeed a trustworthy person. You can reach out to him on Instagram Metrodynamicfix with 27,000+followers….


  2. el_reza on 8. April 2024 at 1:57

    Why tou guys use them? They been locking accounts for years now


  3. Bitstamp-Domen on 8. April 2024 at 1:57

    Hi there, please send me more info via chat or PM.


  4. Successful_Wrap_4190 on 8. April 2024 at 1:57


    I have a very similar problem, I have not been able to withdraw my funds for a month now, and the support is very terrible!


  5. [deleted] on 8. April 2024 at 1:57



  6. [deleted] on 8. April 2024 at 1:57