AFAIK Bistamp has some seriously NOSY requirements for their KYC (Know your customer) (or whatever they are part of) requirements…

Im attaching picture:


These really are intrusive and i believe its none of bitstamp business… Especially those “Your annual income” and ESPECIALLY “Your net Worth”… And make no mistake, they are asking for your OVERALL TOTAL WORLDWIDE wealth (!!). Not just crypto, but all the real estate you might have around the world, all your banking accounts, all your stocks, all your companies, whatever… They want to know it all, the total sum… (!) Like WTF…?

1. Can they even ask these questions legally…? With all the GDPR stuff and everything and they ask you THIS (!?).
2. What will happen if one refuses to answer (did anybody of you refuse to answer, what happened…?)
3. Is this level of nosiness and intrusiveness common in other BIG regular exchanges (im not asking about some small shady one)… Does Kraken, Binance, Bitfinex, or Coinbase etc. ask the same, as intrusive questions…? Are they better in this (should one switch)…??
4. I dont even trade… Do i need to answer the “Trading Information”…? (where the income and wealth is)…? And u mean my total overall income from my regular occupation…? Or my income from trading on your platform..? (again i dont even trade on your platform…)


  1. svencan on 4. April 2022 at 12:02

    If not for trading, why do you want to use Bitstamp?


  2. Riqz85 on 4. April 2022 at 12:02

    You should see what they ask you once they block your withdrawals… Stay away from bitstamp