We have been recognized as one of the top-performing companies in the blockchain space across the globe! 📷

Read more about it in the CV VC Global Report 2022: [www.cvvc.com/insights](http://www.cvvc.com/insights?fbclid=IwAR3tdDySMvHy8ORUtiZizTaL4sowgKpNLaX6_TVON76EVYjFT8YYQBRY_P4)

The report analyses the best-performing global blockchain projects and outlines the current activities and development across the global landscape.

Thanks to the teams at CV VC & [PwC](https://www.facebook.com/PwC/?__cft__[0]=AZXtlX3G4T5u0BLzHsX_6xJiGp6s5ZiEhcLc1Zne2oFbNED3cQmC3gPDNUpsfwTrQgRWYCF6MiHaSoYAyPdD8kHMVVfThvZDygxJ2hDlkZa5pyErO4nBpXdHtXqWE0s6WqWGbmnOMo2yAH7q1znaqS9ZUfOAAnb64M4RXgo5cklnlByY4rM4il-yjZny0AybV_0&__tn__=kK-R).


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    Bitstamp is a joke.