Opened an account in 2013. Deposited some coin. Never changed info and haven’t been able to get into it for over 6 years now. I try requesting password reset. Email never comes. Tried contacting customer support. It goes no where but a revolving circle of bullshit. “try clearing your browser cache and request again” “try looking in your junk email”…yeah

Are you ever going to actually provide support? Or did the whole world just forget that Bitstamp got hacked?


  1. Bitstamp-Domen on 30. May 2022 at 13:33

    Very sorry to hear that. Could you PM me your ticket number so I can check this our for you?


  2. Own-Patience-6211 on 30. May 2022 at 13:33

    AnchorUSD same too


  3. Wurfi1 on 30. May 2022 at 13:33

    I am also at Bitstamp, please keep us updated, i think about to change to another exchange.