I am beyond shocked. I was not aware an accredited exchange can do this? And supposedly the most trusted. I have been fully verified. Did a video call (twice) and yet my funds are stuck. It is even more worrisome is that no proper explanation can be given or any feedback at all on the progress? Bitstamp – please keep communicating to us the process. Explain it to us. It sounds as if, the support personal also don’t know what is going on. They give their normal answers…but nothing… with no real explanation as to why Bitstamp is withholding my funds. I am deeply disappointed at Bitstamp. I still cannot phantom the idea that they can just take away my access to my funds? It is shocking!!


  1. Rising_Dark_God on 15. January 2024 at 4:57

    Bro why dont the mods delete these scam comments


  2. [deleted] on 15. January 2024 at 4:57



  3. Bitstamp-Lucas on 15. January 2024 at 4:57

    Hi there,

    I am really sorry to hear that your case still hasn’t been resolved. I’ll check again if there is an update and see if we can speed this up.