Hi there, please anyone with advise. I can’t get passed support. And get the same ‘thank you for your patience’ response from support! On 1 September my withdrawals were disabled. They requested a videocall, which I did on 7 September, and I had sent them all the documents they required by then. This was my very first deposit, so I am unsure of what to do next?? It is day 53!! and I am at my wits end! I don’t know how to get access to my funds! Surely any KYC or AML or any internal procedure cannot take 53 days!! Even if I received some query communication in the meantime, proving they are working on my case, it will give me some assurance. But nothing!! I understand they want to make sure I am legit, and I am more than willing to co-operate…but no communication from their KYC team!! PLEASE Anyone!!! Advise please!!!


  1. Bitstamp-Lucas on 31. January 2024 at 12:47

    I got back to you via chat.


  2. [deleted] on 31. January 2024 at 12:47