On December 18, my withdrawal was blocked, I called and went through an online meeting, then they told me to wait a little and that they would send me a message, 10 days passed. I have not received any messages, and all the messages I write are completely ignored. Support is terrible, they could at least answer instead of just ignoring me! BIT-1801055, COMPLAINT-33326, BIT-1803164.


  1. Bitstamp-Domen on 26. April 2024 at 3:31

    Hi there, I am very sorry for the inconvenience. My colleagues will review the case and reply in the shortest time possible.


  2. DeejayBaro_Cologne on 26. April 2024 at 3:31

    Same here


  3. HeadJuggernaut6346 on 26. April 2024 at 3:31

    on January 12, bitstamp sent me a termination notice to close my account, they also mention that deposit will be returned. i have some very good news that on January 19 money was returned. After many phone calls and emails. I’m happy about the return. It did took 6 weeks to resolve but it’s done.


  4. Few_Refrigerator5073 on 26. April 2024 at 3:31

       Upvote , This is actually going to help a lot, we should be careful because, Most recovery companies will take your money again. I personally think they are the same set of people that run all of them, seems like an unending cycle and its too sad. The most crazy thing about the whole internet thing is how you can clone a website to make it look like the real one, I discovered so marry people fell into this kind of scams. The only recovery company team I know that works is Metrodynamicfix on IG I have been to their physical address to meet them before and the good thing about them is that they will let you know if they can handle your case or not. I was able to recover my $79,000 through the help of ‘Metrodynamicfix’ on instagram with 27000+ followers……