Hi there,

I wanted to withdraw euro from my account.
The money on my Bitstamp account has gone, no confirmation email for the transaction, no deposit on my banking account. Please assist!

BIT-1729255 [Bank Withdrawals – Withdrawal issues]


  1. Thenutritionguru on 26. September 2023 at 18:14

    those kinda issues can be super frustrating, i know.

    from my experience, you may not receive the confirmation email immediately as there may be a delay in the system. i’d recommend checking your spam and junk folders too, the email might’ve ended up there.
    if it’s been a while and still no confirmation email: try getting in touch with bitstamp’s customer service again, specifically mentioning the issue with the missing confirmation email. also, make sure to include the reference number (BIT-1729255) in all your communication, it’ll help them track your issue faster.


  2. Bitstamp-Domen on 26. September 2023 at 18:14

    Hi, my colleague just replied to your ticket. Check it out!


  3. koko330 on 26. September 2023 at 18:14

    My money has been sequestered in BITSTAMP for a month after making a bank transfer from a European bank with everything in order. They forced me to make a video call to enable my withdrawals. The video call lasted 1 hour. It seems that the 1 hour video call was not enough because after 2 days they tell me that I must deliver a signed document. I’ve been waiting for two more days and my withdrawals are still blocked.

    The situation appears to be an orchestrated scam to sequester customers’ money for the benefit of Bitstamp for an indeterminate period of time under the guise of resolving the AML.


  4. Ok_Spirit_9161 on 26. September 2023 at 18:14

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