Bitstamp blocked my account

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  1. Bitstamp-Domen sa 10. Mayo 2022 sa 13:06

    Hi, very sorry to heat about your experience. Would you mind sending me your ticket number (BIT-XXXXX) over chat so I can take a look?


  2. VIRGINIEPARIS sa 10. Mayo 2022 sa 13:06

    Bitstamp blocked my account 2 weeks ago for security reasons.
    I sent them many documents proving who I am (salary slips, account statement, property tax, all these documents with my name of course)
    The customer service contacted by mail doesn’t care and keeps sending me the same message over and over again. They are the champion of Copy and Paste.
    I called the call center in Luxembourg, who is totally useless.
    I have been VERY comprehensive and patient. Now, I want my account back.