Dear Bitstamp,

I have no access to withdraws, transfers and trading on my account since Friday ( that’s when I have discovered the problem ) . I didn’t receive an email or any other notification that my account is about to be limited that way.

Also I didn’t receive any information from your customer support about the reason why this has happened and what should I do to regain control of my money.

Could you please explain to me what happen, and tell me what should I do ?

Impossibility to trade, withdraw or transfer my money is problematic for me and my company.

TICKET #BIT-1706322

kind regards


  1. Bitstamp-Domen on 8. October 2023 at 13:10

    Hi there!

    I checked your ticket and will make sure that you receive a reply as soon as possible. I suggest you reach out to me via private message tomorrow for updates 🙂


  2. [deleted] on 8. October 2023 at 13:10



  3. Altruistic-Hand9869 on 8. October 2023 at 13:10

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  4. No-Attitude-472 on 8. October 2023 at 13:10

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  5. Bubbly-Ingenuity8416 on 8. October 2023 at 13:10

    Hi there,

    Did you manage to get access again to your funds?