I contacted Bitstamp about three weeks ago asking for some sort of confirmation of the ratio of Flare tokens and XRP that I would receive. I have all of the screenshots showing that my XRP was on the exchange at the time of the snap shot. They assured me that they have had issues with that email going out and that I should see something within a week. I have not seen anything yet. Has anyone ever received anything from them in this regard? BinanceUS and others have done this. Thx!


  1. Frazier10k on 8. July 2022 at 14:33

    I had my XRP on bitstamp at the time of the snapshot. I haven’t received any emails regarding my allocation of Flare tokens.


  2. Medozorz on 8. July 2022 at 14:33

    I also asked them about it 2 weeks ago, and the only answer I got was:

    “Please rest assured that we will inform you regarding the update in the shortest time possible. You may also keep an eye out for any potential news regarding this topic here: [https://www.bitstamp.net/article/spark-airdrop-snapshot-balances-12-december-2020/](https://www.bitstamp.net/article/spark-airdrop-snapshot-balances-12-december-2020/)”

    Kinda worrying.


  3. Jsmolder89 on 8. July 2022 at 14:33

    I received the same answer 🙁 This is now again 1 month ago… do you have any news?


  4. Patience-Available on 8. July 2022 at 14:33

    I contacted them today and got the same answer. I have not yet received a confirmation.


  5. Izzy0323-Avenger on 8. July 2022 at 14:33

    Same here, just that an email will be sent confirming amount. This was back in February. I even opened a support ticket but when I go to their website I cannot find it.