you blocked my account for no reason. I can’t trade or withdraw. You haven’t answered emails for 2 mois. I have no answer. and when I call, I always get the same answer from those motherfuckers on the phone. I just made a deposit by fiat on my account, my very first deposit after opening my accoun

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  1. Bumbl38ee sur 20. novembre 2023 à 22:54

    I have exactly the same problem. Their support is non-existent. Takes ages to get a response and when you finally get it, they will simply tell you that they are looking into the matter and that you have to keep waiting. And bear in mind that all this time you have no access to your money. Very unprofessional and certainly not a customer focused way of doing business.


  2. Domaine Bitstamp sur 20. novembre 2023 à 22:54

    Hey Alex.

    Send me a private message with more info and I’ll look into what is going on 🙂


  3. Hot-Possible4856 sur 20. novembre 2023 à 22:54

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