Hey guys,

im since 2017 in the crypto space. A friend contacted me on 14.03 that her BTC deposit was not credited on her Bitstamp account and wanted me to check if she made a mistake.

I went on her pc via Anydesk and first confirmed it was the BTC tab not the BCH tab and then i checked for a typo in the adress by directly copying the adress from bitstamp under “manage deposit adresses” right into [blockchain.info](https://blockchain.info/). It showed the amount so i knew the deposit was valid. The adress was shown as the main btc adress to copy as well as under “manage deposit adresses”.

Since we are both customers at bistamp for years i was sure it would just get deposited later on but despite that we created a ticket telling bitstamp to credit the bitcoin amount since it already arrived at the adress.

1 day after creating the ticket bitstamp deleted the BTC adress out of the BTC tab as well as under “manage deposit adresses”. I first thought they would do it because there is an error with the adress that she doesnt send more money to it but it seems bitstamp tried to deleted proofs that a BCH adress was shown unter the btc tab.

Now that bitstamp has manipulated the adress history its impossible to proof their wrong doing. We checked with together and are very well aware what a BCH and a BTC deposit is and are doing crypto transfers for years.

Im warning everyone to record everything before submitting tickets otherwise centralized exchanges can just change / delete the adress and say you did something wrong. Without records your not protected by such fraud.

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  1. Bitstamp-Lucas on 2. September 2023 at 17:01

    Hi there!

    I checked and can see you reached out to us via other social media platforms as well. Unfortunately, we can’t look into your friend’s case if they don’t contact us directly. It is in our mutual interest to try and understand what went wrong and find possible solutions. However, we would first need more information from them. They can send us an email at support@bitstamp.net.


    Lucas from Bitstamp