So I have had my account frozen and have had a case with Bitstamp support РI have provided all the information and more that they have asked for. I am tired of this Рdo you know if there’s an escalation for support at Bitstamp?


  1. os_enty on 25. March 2024 at 0:32

    Do you have an update?


  2. Humble-Hawk-7399 on 25. March 2024 at 0:32

    It really seems like Bitstamp-Domen tries to help but actually nothing will happen. I gave my ticket number to him but nothing changed. My funds are still frozen.


  3. Bitstamp-Domen on 25. March 2024 at 0:32

    Hi there, sorry to hear that. Mind letting me know your ticket number via PM or chat?