Hi there i have huge issues with KYC procedure taking so long. I have been using your service for well over a year and this is the first time i have bad experience with your company.

The whole thing started 2 months ago and i submitted every single document that you guys asked for. I get commisions for my marketing services to Bitstamp and i am unable to withdraw the funds for 2 months now.

This is my bead and butter guys and i do this for living. I cannot afford to have a reply on the KYC procedure once every 10 days. Please push this to be sorted out as soon as soon as possible.

Thank you

BIT-$$$$$$ is the ticket number


  1. Bitstamp-Domen on 10. June 2022 at 13:48

    Our KYC procedures are there to help us maintain a safe and secure trading environment for our users. Even though we understand that it may be seen as an inconvenience, it is done with the best interest of our clients. I have urged the agent in charge of your case to reply to you as soon as possible. As a safety precaution, I would suggest you to edit out your ticket number (you can replace the digits with ‘######’).


  2. hubwal on 10. June 2022 at 13:48

    I have the same. No help from anybody there. I have sent a lot of money from my bank and after one withdrawal thay have blocked it. I cant take out money anymore or make a crypto transfer. What a shity company we should all sue it !!!!