Dear Bitstamp,

I traded with you since 2013. I bought my first fraction of bitcoin on bitstamp, and everytime someone asked me for the most legit exchanger for an european, i used to address people to your site. And I am a legend on bitcointalk so I think I directed many.

During years I traded little-to-nothing but I always submitted documents and kyc as requested, and although i found your approach a little too invasive I appreciated your struggle to be as legit as possible and to complain all laws as they appear/becomes clearer.

1 year ago, you detected some suspect activity on my account and blocked it. I rarely use my account and I think that that was due to multiple login attempts with different devices and location after a period of inactivity, but I submitted all requested proofs.
Nevertheless, your support insisted that I changed my mail and 2fa, and after that asked to a new confirmation that my system was secure to re-enable my account.

Login to my account is not as simple as it seems because of my own security reasons, so I never responded to that redundant question (i found faster to use another exchanger), the ticket was archived and my account remained blocked.

My mistake was that yesterday I deposited some funds without looking if my account was restored, and now my funds are stuck and the ethereum I put for staking disappeared. Also the trading function is blocked.

I called the phone number that was on the site, and using my very broken English (why only a phone number and not email?) I opened a support ticket still going on (partially because i’m a very bad photographer, i have no problems to post me with a shoe on the head but the photo will always be off focus or my eye closed etc).

Can you please take a look at my situation? The ticket number is #bit-1759376 .

How much time passed? Less than 48 hours.

I know I could seem a bit too impatient, but crypto can be really fast and reading about people with funds locked FOR MONTHS really scared me.

This post is still not a complain, more a rant about a not-ideal user experience, I thank you for reading all this shit and I really hope you can help me to resolve it asap.

King regards



  1. Bitstamp-Domen on 25. January 2024 at 12:02

    Hi. Our team will handle your case asap and get back to you in your ticket.


  2. errezerotre on 25. January 2024 at 12:02

    Problem solved 🙂 although the ethereum I put in stake seems to have disappeared…but I hope also this will be solved soon.


  3. errezerotre on 25. January 2024 at 12:02

    All solved. Thank you bitstamp