I have a 5 pending tickets that have not been replied to in over 2 weeks. Every time I call Bitstamp I talk to someone who honestly sounds robotic and keeps repeating this line: We dont have any information, we will contact you as soon as we have more information.

It doesnt matter if I ask for an ETA, whats actually wrong (no one has told me), or anything, its just the same, male female whoever.

I cant deal with this! Anyone else? Anything else worked?

Account frozen after verification and trading without warning/reason.

PS, beware scammers contacting you through chat acting like support, almost fell for it.


  1. swisscheese73 on 5. January 2024 at 9:37

    I have ticket open for months, now closed and moved to complaints, no answers and help whatsoever, good luck


  2. DeejayBaro_Cologne on 5. January 2024 at 9:37

    Same sh here.


  3. Kylejsisk86 on 5. January 2024 at 9:37

    This exchange DELISTED my SOLANA. Everyone knows this is one of the most popular cryptos out there. It was never relisted and at the time I bought, $16 and now its $56. WHERE IS MY MONEY BITSTAMP?


  4. Commercial_Force6385 on 5. January 2024 at 9:37

    Same here


  5. amochkin on 5. January 2024 at 9:37

    Having problems like this too. Rumors are they have been hacked and trying to recover now. No surprise amid latest Huobi and Poloniex incidents.


  6. Remote-Nose-9576 on 5. January 2024 at 9:37

    I can’t say sorry for your lost because you haven’t lost yet, many things are total different in crypto world lately, its almost impossible not to fall victim of all the various scams out there and it’s really thoughtful that initiatives like this are set up to rescue people from these crooks, in addition, i would also recommend a licensed fraud analyst who had helped me out in recovering my funds sometimes last year, Dr Suzanne Michael, (metrodynamicfix on Instagram), he was able to make use of adequate proofs that i provided to enforce this recovery and i was able to get back my loss, anyways, it was not an easy task but most importantly they got the job done 100%.