2 weeks ago, i decided to login to my exchanges for the first time in a few years.

my google authentication codes are being rejected on Bitstamp (yes, i checked the time on my device, it is set automatically) so i have to reset my 2FA. i have been unsuccessfully trying to do this since.

each time i login and get the 2FA code window, i click “here” to reset 2FA, nothing happens except that i am brought back to the login window. this continues in an endless loop until i am locked out of my account for 30 minutes. i don’t receive a mail that my reset request has been received, so nothing is happening in the background. (yes, i have tried clearing cache and cookies and also tried it in a second browser which i never use).

twice i received the confirmation mail that my reset request has been received, although all it says it “follow the instructions on the screen” but there were no instructions on the screen so no idea what i was supposed to do. once out of all the times i tried i received a different screen and was able to start the process. after i submitted photo and video documentation, the onfido app told me everything had been received and that it might take a couple hours for the site to update. then i received a mail from bitstamp support that my reset request had expired because i didn’t complete the process within 24 hours. but i hadn’t received any further instructions on what else i was supposed to do…

i have not been able to re-submit my documentation, as that step of the process is never offered to me. i don’t want to attempt it any more as bitstamp has informed me that my account will be permanently frozen after 5 more login attempts.

support can’t tell me why my google authenticator doesn’t work anymore – they tell me to request a reset. but requesting a reset isn’t working for me. surely there is a way to manually send me a qr code for onfido?

in contrast to this experience with Bitstamp:

at the same time that i began attempting to get back in to bitstamp, i began the same for bitpanda. yet bitpanda accepts my authenticator codes with no problem, i was able to complete the biometric ID process with Onfido (although i admit it was a hugely frustrating process because my ID is shiny and has a hologram on it – very difficult to photograph!!) and was able to verify my account and add funds by the next day.


  1. Bitstamp-Domen on 19. April 2022 at 12:34

    Hey, I’m sorry to hear you’re having problems. Mind sending me your ticket number via PM or chat so I can look into this on our end?


  2. Intelligent_Cap7896 on 19. April 2022 at 12:34

    I’m having the exact same problem can I send ticket number and receive help