I wonder why this exchange fell to keep up with its competitors seeing that it’s the or one of the oldest exchanges they are. There is no reason that this exchange fell to list the top 10 or 15 coins to keep up with their competitors such as Uphold Exchange or Binance Exchange.
All of the exchanges need liquidity and you can’t get it if you’re not in the game with everyone else.
My suggestion is service what the customer wants and deserves. Don’t forget we are funding so the exchange can exist.


  1. Bitstamp-Domen on 14. February 2023 at 22:17

    Rest assured that Bitstamp’s leadership team remains unchanged because of the acquisition. We weren’t actively looking to sell the company, but were nevertheless approached by a number of suitors over the course of last year. The offer by NXMH seemed like a logical next step in Bitstamp’s growth, especially because they agree with the company’s direction and will not interfere with operations. This gives us a stronger position from which we can continue to expand. Nejc Kodrič has been a firm believer in crypto since the industry’s early days and will continue supporting the space as CEO of Bitstamp. When it comes to listing new coins, we believe the best way to serve our customers is through a more conservative approach. We only list coins that have proven to have value and are highly unlikely to fail. We feel a responsibility to our customers to not offer products based on hype.


  2. CBwesT on 14. February 2023 at 22:17

    The ceo didn’t sell out he still has plenty of shares according to what the news is reporting and he is staying as ceo. If anything this acquisition will make it easier for them to innovate and improve for us imo.


  3. hocuscapocus on 14. February 2023 at 22:17