Hello everyone,

deposits and withdrawals are disabled on my bitstamp account for several months. I opened a ticket (BIT-1523130) and at the beginning i should submit any financial documentation which can confirm the origin of my sent funds to bitstamp. No problem i did. Then i should describe my bitstamp activity and elaborate on the purpose and destination oy my crypto withdrawals. I also did and sent them several screenshots to prove. Then they asked me for two sepcific withdrawals. I proved again with several screenshots. Next they wantet me to submit a signed wallet with address, message and signature. I also did it including screenshots of my ledger walllet address,…. And the last thing they wanted, was a signature hash. I also sent it and now i have been waiting for an answer for 7 weeks now. I even asked twice about the status, but no answer. Does somebody heave the same problems?

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  1. Bitstamp-Domen on 28. December 2023 at 8:25

    Hi there, I’ve urged the agent in charge of your case to update you asap.