I called support and they said 7 business days??? For an ACH transfer? I am level 2 verified. Why does the app say an ach transfer is instant but a wire takes 2-5 business days??? What is the purpose of intentionally misleading customers like this when it is actually the opposite?


  1. myc4L on 13. January 2024 at 10:21

    Took 10 days for my ACH. They say its instant because they let you move the coin around within the exchange, but you can’t take it off. As they say though, Not your keys , not your crypto.


  2. Bitstamp-Domen on 13. January 2024 at 10:21

    Hi there, mind letting me know your ticket number via PM or chat?


  3. Kylejsisk86 on 13. January 2024 at 10:21

    You will be lucky if you get it in a couple weeks. Severs have been holding for much longer


  4. Da_Ting_Goes_XRPppp on 13. January 2024 at 10:21

    If you weren’t able to deduce from my username, I’m an XRP fan and was attempting to buy XRP in NY. I’ve tried CB, Kraken and Uphold with no luck and staying far away from Gemini. I thought I finally came across one (Bitstamp) but sorely disappointed…

    This exchange has been the absolute worst. As a level 1 client, I made a test ACH deposit of $200 which, in their defense, was available for immediate trading. I attempted to deposit an additional $9,800 as their “lifetime cumulative” deposit for level 1 was $10k but realized after landing on their bank transfer page that the “daily limit” was only $3,000; fine. I attempted to deposit the remaining $2800 and repeatedly received a “Number of daily bank account transactions exceeded” message.

    I contacted customer support to inquire and a rep that went by “Andrea” was clueless. She ”looked into it” and persisted to tell me to wait a couple of hours to see if it would resolve on its own but essentially that she had no idea why I’m receiving the error. She stated she would dig further and reach back out to me in an hour. Of course no call/email was ever received nor was I able to deposit funds after waiting 3+ hours.

    Called back the following day as I was still unable to deposit funds. This time “Matt” answered and he seemed a bit more knowledgeable but still relatively useless. I reiterated my situation and was told that due to my initial $200 ACH deposit, I have to wait until next week to make another deposit; so basically you’re limiting ACH deposits to one a week??? I told him, nowhere on their website did it mention anything about waiting a week between deposits. I only saw the $10k lifetime deposit for level 1 clients, followed by the $3k daily limit (which I’m well within, hence my additional $2800 deposit). I can understand having to wait for the $200 ACH to clear before transferring my crypto out but I was trying to deposit more money!!! He didn’t have much of a response aside from repeating what he already told me. I asked for a manager and he was unable to connect me.

    Though I’m glad I was able to finally find an exchange that allowed NY residents to trade XRP, I’m not confident in the rest of the process nor if I’ll even be able to get my XRP off the exchange once the funds have cleared for that matter.