It’s going on two weeks that my Bitstamp account was disabled with no notice and have not been given sufficient reason nor any explanation or indication as to when my account will be enabled again. What company does this to customers?

My ticket number is below. Please fix my account!

TICKET #BIT-1827967



  1. TheyreHerrrrreee on 22. March 2024 at 0:24

    Same here – I reset my password but after putting in my 2FA (which I know was right), it told me it didn’t matched. I attempted to reset it, but I never received an email. I even got as far as receiving a text message to reset it but never received it. That said I contacted a rep, supplied a picture with ID, but again, my account is still locked. This is extremely fishy and too much of a coincidence that EVERYONE on here has the same issue.

    Edit: I called and someone actually helped me. I am big enough to admit I was wrong. Although inconvenient, eventually all the follow-up worked and I got back into my account. Thank you.


  2. Bitstamp-Lucas on 22. March 2024 at 0:24

    Hi there,

    I understand that this is an inconvenient situation, I’ll try to see if we can speed this up 🙂


  3. Sufficient-Reason221 on 22. March 2024 at 0:24

    They terminated my account and refunded my money. I appreciate that they refunded my money, thank God. Still very vague on reasons for freezing my account and termination. Folks, read the fine print before deciding to use Bitstamp, some of their policies should be illegal.