Any clue on when will USD deposits be available on Bitstamp?


  1. motawa on 28. March 2023 at 0:02

    They will enable it once cryptopia stops listing shitcoins.


  2. Bitstamp-Domen on 28. March 2023 at 0:02

    We’re working hard to bring USD transfers back online and will post an update as soon as the matter is resolved.


  3. CryptoMcKenna on 28. March 2023 at 0:02

    come on guys. worst timing ever….


  4. bigrooster88 on 28. March 2023 at 0:02

    Hello Bitstamp,

    Are you going to create a new post in this sub-reddit to announce the readiness of USD deposits once it is ready?

    As many of us will be constantly asking this question, knowing that you will be following up and posting the readiness, we will just check for your new post update here.