bitstamp keeps its customers’ money under the pretext of a KYC analysis, what kind of KYC analysis takes more than a month? Do they actually carry out analyzes or do they do something else? I realize that there are so many people who are victims of bitstamp and each time it’s the same story, the customer support which seems not to care about our situations and just responds mechanically “thank you for your patience” without providing us with any informations. What are we suppose to do now ? Its been 14 days now for me and still nothing ! Nothing ! No messages, no updates


  1. Kylejsisk86 on 30. January 2024 at 12:45

    Ridiculous. If they don’t have the funds available on spot I would not do anymore business with them.


  2. Bitstamp-Domen on 30. January 2024 at 12:45

    Hi there!

    I’m really sorry to hear this. Can you please send me a DM with more info so that I can look into why you’re still waiting for your case to be resolved?

    Looking forward to your message 🙂


  3. [deleted] on 30. January 2024 at 12:45