Hello everyone,

6 days ago Ive purchased some ETH on Bitstamp to test it’s viability. Ive used the exchange back in 2018-2019 and had no issues. However, this time was extremely different.

Ive started the withdrawal process, quadruple checked my wallet address and proceeded to confirm the withdrawal process.

A couple minutes later, the status of the transaction changed to “finished” but my crypto has not arrived.

I then (multiple times) re-checked my receiving address on EtherScan and found no errors, aside from the curious fact that, Bitstamp sent my funds from another crypto exchange CEX.IO (Why? Do they not have hot wallets of their own?).

After a few hours of waiting ive contacted support and outlined my issue. This is currently Day 6 that their (probably non-existent) customer support have been ignoring me (the ticket is marked as “ACCEPTED” but never have been so much as touched by them).

Have they stolen my crypto or is there a chance that its just a mistake on their part?
Currently, im leaning towards the former, because all the other exchanges ive interacted with so far would at least reply and try to sort out an issue, none of them would flat out ignore me and play the role of a dead dog.

How can such a joke of an exchange be “regulated” and considered trustworthy?
It truly boggles the mind.

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: To all the scammers who are flooding my DM’s:

Would you kindly go and f@ck yourselves – I haven’t been born yesterday.


  1. Bitstamp-Lucas on 1. January 2024 at 9:04

    Hey there!

    I am really sorry to hear about this. Our support is currently dealing with an increased number of tickets, but they’re trying to get back to everyone.

    You can send me your ticket number and I can check it out in order to resolve this faster 🙂


  2. myc4L on 1. January 2024 at 9:04

    Basically every post in this sub reddit is people complaining about not being able to access their funds. I complained to the BBB and finally got mine released. This is why you always start off with a small test amount though.


  3. SkirtTraditional7908 on 1. January 2024 at 9:04

    can’t say sorry for your lost because you haven’t lost yet, many things are total different in crypto world lately,,…., its almost impossible not to fall victim of all the various scams out there and it’s really thoughtful that initiatives like this are set up to rescue people from these crooks…,, in addition…., i would also recommend a licensed fraud analyst who had helped me out in recovering my funds sometimes last year,, Dr Suzanne Michael…. (metrodynamicfix on Instagram), he was able to make use of adequate proofs that i provided to enforce this recovery and i was able to get back my loss, anyways,,, it was not an easy task but most importantly they got the job done 100%.