Poor customer service!

Problem withdrawing your own Cryptocurrency!

Problem withdrawing your own Money!


  1. matevz11 on 26. December 2023 at 7:45

    I don’t have any problems with them.Quick deposit in SEPA in EU, no problem with withdrawals. Just yesterday withdraw ETH and Matic to ledger.
    I’m using bitstamp since 2017. But reading those kinds of comments makes you uncomfortable feelings.
    So Bitstamp do something to improve support. I read about yours unsatisfied clients every day and this is not the promotion you need.


  2. Bitstamp-Domen on 26. December 2023 at 7:45

    Hi, please send me more info via chat or PM.


  3. Plus_Wedding_4419 on 26. December 2023 at 7:45

    Sorry to hear that. For a reliable alternative, try Netcoins. It strives to provide a seamless crypto experience with excellent customer service.